10 Questions to Ask Before You Build an Online Business

Ralph Ervin
6 min readMay 13, 2021
Want to learn how to become a successful online entrepreneur, build an online business from scratch and live the online entrepreneur lifestyle? Watch to learn how to start an online business, build an online business with no money, and get clear about how to become a successful online entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship and building an online business isn’t easy! Get the online business tips and questions I wish I knew long ago!

Just the thought of starting your own business can be exciting! Having complete control of your time to serve others with products and services that you’re passionate about, along with unlimited earning potential can be motivating, yet challenging.

Despite this, you must be clear about where you stand as you venture out into the marketplace. Trying to figure it out along the way can be a recipe for disaster, especially when the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs often fail to achieve long-term success. Asking a few simple questions can increase your chances of success exponentially.

Why Do You Want To Start A Business?

Normally, people focus on the sunny side of self-employment, like the perks I shared earlier, but it’s going to take more than that to help you push through the tough times (of which there will likely be many).

Take some time to examine your motives. Who do you want to serve? What can you do better than others already in the industry you plan to take by storm? Look deep within yourself and ask yourself why you want to start a business in the first place.

I grew up the son of entrepreneurs, so having grown up watching my parents, I knew that at some point in my life, I’d almost surely launch my own business…



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