How To Build An Online Business (When You’re Over 40 And Feel Stuck!)

Ralph Ervin
4 min readJul 21, 2021

The topic of How to Build An Online Business is near and dear to my heart, because I know what it’s like to feel trapped in an unfulfilling career. Many people feel like they can’t possibly walk away from a job they hate because of a mortgage, kids, their age, a pension and other limiting beliefs.

The good news is that you CAN put yourself on the path to financial freedom by running a purpose-driven online business. It is possible to earn an unlimited income, reclaim your time (and sanity) while doing something meaningful and serving others.

People over age 40 would make fantastic online business owners! They’ve developed valuable skills that are necessary for business success. They know how to build relationships, lead teams, communicate with people and they know how to listen. You simply can’t watch video or attend conferences and masterminds to gain that experience.

Change Your Mindset

In order to realize that there’s another opportunity out there, you first have to deprogram yourself from what has been your normal existence. You must grasp that YOU ARE NOT STUCK! Don’t be married to the fact that you’ve been with a company or industry for a certain number of years. That has absolutely nothing to do with your vision and your ability to achieve it.

You can build a life that is more fulfilling and lucrative than anything you could imagine corporately, if you apply yourself relentlessly.

Prepare To Dig Deep

You still have the responsibility of your full-time job, which you can’t jeopardize prematurely. However, now you must focus on building iron-clad discipline. Learn how to manage your time, activities and priorities. Learn how to say NO. There are going to be requests from people (even family) that you must decline in order to protect your focus and your limited time.

During this season you must commit 100% to building your online business until you reach that “tipping point” where you’re able to step away and run your online business full time.

Then, the REAL work begins!

Ralph Ervin

I’m an online business coach and finance expert helping people fulfill their personal purpose through online entrepreneurship.