How To Set Financial Goals (So You Can DOMINATE in 2021!)

Ralph Ervin
3 min readJan 29, 2021

I’m going to share with you ideas that you can use to set financial goals that are inspiring, yet attainable with consistent focus and action. I don’t mean attainable because the target is so low that it is easy to accomplish with no effort. I mean, attainable because you have the steps and the tools that you need in place to go ahead and to make this your very best year ever. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to dominate financially in 2021

Reaffirm Your Values

Do not skip this step!

Goals are based on what people believe and hold dear. Take time to make sure you know what you stand for, because everything you do will rest on that foundation.

There are few things worse than spending precious time and money on things that aren’t really important to you, especially when you had to make sacrifices along the way. While you could argue that it’s unlikely that someone would make sacrifices for something they aren’t passionate about, it happens more than you may realize. Ever met someone who spent 4 years (and a ton of money) fighting to get into a career field that they realize they hate just to please family members?

Write Down Your Goals (As Well As The Benefits And The Consequences)

Yes, it’s important to write down your goals, but it’s important to go a step further. Be sure to document why your goal matters to you, and who (other than you) benefits if the goal is achieved.

On the flip side, document the consequences. Besides you, who will pay the price if you miss the target? HOW will they pay the price? How will you feed watching it happen? If these benefits and/or consequences aren’t impactful enough to keep you focused, then it’s likely not a goal worth setting in the first place.

Dreaming Big, But You Plan Small.

Do your best to avoid looking at the goal as a massive mountain that you have to conquer. Break the goal down into small, manageable steps or into the smallest bite-size activity that you possibly can.

For example, if you want to save $1,000, focus on what you can do to save $25 or $50 this…

Ralph Ervin

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