What the Bible Says About Managing Your Money (Do This and Prosper!)

Ralph Ervin
3 min readMar 25, 2021

There is so much information available about how to manage your money. Books, TV and of course online.

Whether you believe the Bible or not, there’s one thing that’s irrefutable: Biblical financial principles are the most practical, yet powerful strategies you could possibly employ.

Increase Your Earning Power

I’m confident that you already work hard, but there are things you can do in addition to increase your value in the marketplace. For example, you can, over-deliver, and create a better experience than the average customer, colleague or employer might expect. You should make your employer feel like they’re underpaying you and may risk losing you.

Your customers should want to go out of their way to work with you because you provide so much value and expertise. That’s one quick (and easy) way to make yourself more attractive.

Spend Less Than You Make

Proverbs 21:20 says in the house of the wise are stores of choice, food and oil, but the foolish devour, all they have.

This is all about discipline, which the Bible speaks about repeatedly.

Seasons change! Many live life as though the good times couldn’t possibly come to an end. Knowing that unanticipated situations will surely arise, you want to make absolutely sure that you save a portion of your income for emergencies. This habit will put you in a fantastic position to be the good steward you’ve been called to be.

Spend On Purpose

Luke 14:28 is pretty clear-cut. The text says to “count the cost” and uses a construction metaphor to explain the concept.

Take time in advance of each pay period to map out your anticipated spending and stick to it as best you honestly can.

This advance preparation will give you a sense of control and peace, which is worth more than any expenditure. Surprises will come up, but they’ll be much easier to manage if you’ve already established this habit (and if you spend less than you earn!)

Become a Giver.

Ralph Ervin

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